About Us

With a many years experience in the travel and tour industry, specializing in the tour as well as flight ticket, Ashe Everest Travel has become the preferred travel agency for several travelers and adventures from around the world. As one of the leading travel agency and tour operator in Kathmandu, offering a complete range of travel and tour related services, Asha Everest Travel is full services travel and tour organization, which is renowned for its professionalism in handling the individual or group travel in Nepal.

Asha Everest Travel not only offers you the sights and sound of the Beautiful Himalayan realm but also introduces you to the ever-smiling faces, open hearts and warmth of its people. The company strongly supports the gradual and systematic development of tourism in Nepal. We also promote the preservation and well-being of our natural, cultural and traditional legacies.

Located between two nations India and China, Nepal is known as a Himalayan kingdom, country of Mt. Everest, full of flora and fauna. Along with fascinating spots for the sightseeing, trekking, mountaineering, rafting, wild life safari, splendid arts and crafts. The parallel mountain ranges of varying heights traverse the country from the East to the West. The Chure Range in the south, The Mahabharat Range in the center and the main Himalayas on the North are the main dividing features of the country. Hence, Nepal has been the dreamland of the tourists since long. Nestled in the cradle of the highest mountains on earth, Nepal is the kingdom where deities mingle with mortals.

The heart of Nepal are the Hills; slopes are so incredible steep that it is impossible to imagine that there could be people climbing the hill to live, yet there they are, working on tiered fields stacked up towards sky.